Browser Usage

In the years that I have been developing websites and browser games, one major roadblock has always been browser usage. Trying to accommodate users who are unable to switch to a more modern browser, or not technically inclined to do so, certainly proves challenging when you want to take advantage of exciting new technologies.

I was curious to see what our numbers looked like after reading that Bootstrap would be dropping support for IE9. While I don't personally utilize Bootstrap for any of my projects, I find that it is a decent benchmark when widely adopted projects start dropping support for archaic platforms.

For that reason it is refreshing to see the percentage of people using modern browsers on our sites at an all-time high.

With Internet Explorer at only 2.12% usage, it is even more reassuring to look deeper and find that 94.56% of those users are at least on the most recent version.

I have to imagine that the two sessions in IE6 were some type of testing suite. Right?